Client: Kaiser-Permanente
Location: Los Angeles, California
Total Floor Area: 125,000 sq ft / 11,612.5 m2
Budget: Withheld

General Contractor: TBA
Mechanical Engineering: TBA
Expediting: TBA

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smbi map

Case Study Site: Lancaster, California

This is a 30 Acre parcel of a sub-rural 327acre site in Southern California with a close proximity to Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zones to the west and south (<10 miles)


"NEW" Panel Layout For Competition Vol. 3,4 &5 , Damdi Publishing, Seoul, South Korea, 900 pp, April 2012


Targeted SB 1953 Compliance for 2030

This new facility will surpass 2013 deadlines and meet the January, 2030 SB 1953 Senate Bill target for all California Acute-Care Facilities to comply with both Structural (SPC) and Non-Structural Performance (NPC) Category requirements.

Excerpt from the 1975 Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act 2621.5. Purpose statement

"...(a) It is the purpose of this chapter to provide for the adoption and administration of zoning laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations by cities and counties in implementation of the general plan that is in effect in any city or county. The Legislature declares that this chapter is intended to provide policies and criteria to assist cities, counties, and state agencies in the exercise of their responsibility to prohibit the location of developments and structures for human occupancy across the trace of active faults. Further, it is the intent of this chapter to provide the citizens of the state with increased safety and to minimize the loss of life during and immediatelyfollowing earthquakes by facilitating seismic retrofitting to strengthen buildings, including historical buildings, against ground shaking..."


Program and Massing Diagrams


Articulated Hospital Complex.

Multi-Modal Hospital Entry

The facility is celebrated in it's accessibility. Integrated ramps and stairs provide anticipation of entering the hospital. The lightweight brise-soleil literally follows the daily
sun position via hydraulically assisted sliding track. Natural daylight is refracted into the perimeter building by way of reflective vertical fins; this system will supplement daylighting costs.

base proto 2

Base Protoype.

Multiple room units can be added or concentrated zonally withing the complex to meet the demands and scale of hospital. Four base prototypes comprise of a 100-bed
hospital. Hallway units are also reconfigurable, with all required systems and features built in. Autonomous back-up power and connectivity to address catastrophic-level emergencies.

Suite Units.

Moveable, self-contained systems. Each suite contains 2 beds with all necessary equipment, services and connectivity. The suites can be subdivided for private
configurations. These units are arranged on an isolated grid of pylons where specific layouts can be created according to the hospital's specific programmatic requirements. They are designed to provide controllable indirect natural light as well as enhanced air-filtering capabilites that mutually benefit patients, staff and the facility itself. As expansion is required, pre-engineered units are delivered to the hospital site and 'launched' onto the network grid.



Complete 100-Bed Facility

Although the hospital sits on a bed of isolators above-grade, the facility is fully accessible to the disabled, where the various entries welcome all those who visit. A complete cluster creates an efficient, autonomous environment where local residents receive quality care, and where medical professionals and staff can work efficiently as never before. The Kaiser-Permanente Thrive Center's configuration can be maximized literally 'on the fly', with its network of key moveable room units in order to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of the community.


Circulation Ring.

The inner circulation ring provides access to the patient suites, emergency rooms, ICU and the other key room units that are designed to move and be reconfigured when the hospital's needs change.



Moveable ER

Multiple ER units can be added or concentrated zonally withing the complex to meet the demands and scale of an emergency. Autonomous back-up power and connectivity to address catastrophe-level emergencies.



Dynamic Sunshading + Inner Sanctuary.

Lightweight Brise Soleil follows sun via a roller track throughout the day. Mirrored under-surface reflects ambient daylight into interior spaces. Wildflowers and local ground cover are planted in the central area inside the circulation ring; this helps to dissipate radiant heat and noise coming off the site's surface.